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Dear Parents and Families,

Unity East is entering the tenth year of our long-term service project, the Rocket Pack Program, which helps students and families in our school who need food assistance. Every week, teachers at East assemble Rocket Packs to send home food and snacks for students to eat over weekends and long breaks. 

We make every effort to partner with families and share these donations. If your child would benefit from receiving a weekly pack of food, please call the school and ask to speak with Ellen, our school nurse. Participation is strictly confidential and student privacy is a priority.

 This program relies 100% on donations from our community. To continue offering this program, we do ask for your help with food donations. If you are interested in helping support this program, please consider the options below.

Thank you for your generosity in providing for the students of Unity East - it makes a world of difference!

In partnership,

Jim Carver, Principal

Unity East Elementary

  1. Sending in a pre-assembled pack that contains 8 foods from the list below (2 from each category, please):





Peanut butter

Canned vegetables

Canned fruits

Graham Crackers

Beans and franks

Fruit cups

Granola bars

Canned pasta




Dried fruits

Breakfast bars

Tuna, chicken, or salmon packets/cans


Easy Mac

Trail mix packs


2. Sending in any of the items listed above. Teachers will then assemble a pack from our supply of donated food

3. Purchasing a grocery store gift card for $10-15. These are used by teachers to buy supplies for the program.