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Dear East Families, 

Thank you for your patience as we make preparations for our new year. Attached below is additional information regarding several areas of our plan. Please review changes, particularly regarding arrival and dismissal. Plans are subject to change as additional guidelines are received. 

Important Note: Every family will be receiving a copy of a “First Day of School Covid Symptom Parent Certify” form in the mail. Forms were mailed out today (Thursday), and can also be viewed and printed from the school website. This form must be signed and sent with your child the first day of school. Students will be provided another form the first day that will be used for August and into September. A reminder that our school plan calls for parents to certify that their child is symptom-free every day before sending them to school. These forms are also required for students to ride buses. 

I cannot stress how hard the teachers and staff have been working to make sure that this school year is safe, productive, and enjoyable for our students. We are excited to welcome our kids back to school and look forward to the year ahead!

In partnership, 

Jim Carver, Principal

Unity East Elementary 



Drop-off will begin at 7:40am this year. Students who arrive between 7:40am-8:00am will wait in the hallways spaced 6ft apart. Breakfast will be available 7:40-8:00am in the cafeteria, where students will eat spaced apart. 

Families who are able to are encouraged to drop off between 8:00-8:15am so that students can go directly to class without having to wait in the hallways. A grab-and-go breakfast will be available to take to classrooms after 8:00. 

Art, Music, & Library

Students will remain in their classrooms for these subjects. Specials teachers will continue to provide enrichment activities that meet safety guidelines. Supplies will not be shared or will be cleaned between uses.


Desks will be spaced apart to the extent possible and will face in the same direction. Students are seated with 6’ spacing between them. Maintaining social distancing throughout the day will be a priority. 

Teacher work tables or other common areas will have a clear barrier for additional protection for both students and staff  


Students being picked up (car riders) will wait inside, distanced apart in the hallways. All parents or adults picking up must wait in their vehicle and remain in the pick-up line (no parking in spaces or exiting the vehicle). A staff member will use a radio to call inside and have students sent out to the flagpole to be picked up.

Please note, if the pick-up line is long, vehicles can circle around the back lot and line up along the East side of the school. Please do not block the bus lane. 


Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch. Hot lunches will be grab-and-go options until further notice. Lunch boxes will not be taken to the cafeteria for sanitary reasons. Students may bring their lunch to school in a lunchbox to keep it cool in their locker. Teachers will have paper bags available if students need to transfer items from a lunchbox to take to the cafeteria. 

Disposable packaging is requested (ie. paper bags, plastic baggies). Disposable utensils will be available for students who do not have them. 


Students will continue to have PE and will social distance during activities as much as possible. PE will be outside when weather permits or will use the gymnasium.  When inside, students will always have a mask on. When outside, masks do not need to be worn when a proper social distance is maintained. Supplies will not be shared or will be cleaned between uses. Activities will be adapted to follow safety guidelines. 


Students will still have recess and will social distance whether inside or outside. When outside, masks do not need to be worn when a proper social distance is maintained. Recess activities that meet safety guidelines will be encouraged and shared with students. 

Socialization and Events

While this year will look different than any prior, teachers will continue to prioritize the well-being of students and promote a positive and enjoyable learning environment. This will include celebrations and other fun events within the classroom and school that fall within our safety plan. 

Virtual Learning (Educere)

If a student is enrolled for in-person learning, the expectation is that they will continue in-person learning for the first semester. Students will not have the option to switch from virtual (Educere) to in-person learning or from in-person to virtual learning during the semester. Students who are enrolled for virtual instruction will have access to Educere teachers for learning and instruction questions..


Drinking fountains will not be available for normal use. Students are asked to have a water bottle with them in class. Each building is getting touchless water bottle fillers to refill bottles. Students are encouraged to use disposable water bottles for sanitary reasons, but reusable bottles will continue to be allowed.